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Development of a novel Industrial Fish Drying and Maturing Process to secure Seafood Safety, Traceability and Quality

22.04.2014 – The Sea Food EXPO 2015 event took place on Wednesday 22nd April from 16.00-18.00 hours on the Arena Nordland stand in the patio hall, P-4509. Representatives from the project consortium have been Il Ceppo, EMS, Nofima and AFOS, who showed a demo video and offered some samples to taste and fish to inspect.

26.03.2015 – Italian project partner Il Ceppo participated in Vinitaly – the world’s top exhibition in the wine sector – in Verona, Italy. Il Ceppo served SafeTrackFood stockfish dishes to the guests at the event.

25.02.2015 – Project meeting was held in Ås, Norway. M27 meeting was hosted by RTD parnter Nofima. Partners reviewed the latest results and analyses of the fish drying trials and were able to conclude the quality of the stockfish produced with the prototype drying unit is prima quality. Partners also shot a video for the project that will be premiered at this year´s Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, 21-23 April.

19.02.2015 – After 28 days of total processing time, Trial nr 4 was finished. This trial was done with the biggest load of fish thus far with 115 fish in total. Final product water contect achieved was between 14-18%.

Trial IV

22.01.2015 – A new year has begun and so has the 4th trial in the SafeTrackFood project. Trial nr 4 was started with 352 kg of fresh cod and the final product is expected to be achieved within four weeks.

28.11.2014 – Another newsletter has been published giving insight into the latest developments and progress of the SafeTrackFood project. Read the newsletter here.

30-31.10.2014 – Project meeting was held in Freiburg, Germany. M23 meeting was hosted by RTD parnter Fraunhofer IPM. Parnters discussed and compared the results from three trials with the SafeTrackFood drying unit and decided on performing the next trials. SafeTrackFood demo event was discussed to be held in February, 2015.

30.10.2014 – Trial nr 3 has been finished after 31 days of total processing time. Latest protocol data from the trial can be seen on SafeTrackFood SCADA web applicationwith batch ID number 30.

24.10.2014 –  Riccardo Boscolo from Il Ceppo is a speaker at a Slow Food conference Salone del Gusto 2014 in Torino from October 23-27, where he is presenting the SafeTrackFood stockfish. The audience will be tasting Il Ceppo´s gourmet dishes made from the innovative indoor matured and dried stockfish of SafeTrackFood.

indoor stockfish

06.10.2014 –  Trial nr 3 is running with drying rate about 10 litre/day at 7ºC and 80-90% RH. Process data is avaliable for monitoring from SafeTrackFood SCADA web application with batch ID number 17 presenting the latest protocols.

29.09.2014 –  Third trial has been started with fresh headed and gutted cod with average weight of 3 kg, batch gross weight 205 kg. Fish catch date: 26 September.

27.08.2014 –  Stockfish from trial nr 2 have been sent over to project parnter Il Ceppo in Italy for their sensory evaluation and comparison to the Stockfish from trial nr 1. Project parnters are eager to learn the results from the assessment.Second trial completed

20.07.2014 –  After exactly 40 days of total processing time, the second trial is finished. Final water content of Stockfish at 18-12%.

11.07.2014 –  Second trial is being run with the SafeTrackFood prototype drying unit and after 30 days of processing the results are in good agreement with the drying rate from the first trial. Project researcher John-Erik Haugen (Nofima) expects to start the second process drying step at elevated temperature withint the next couple of days and have the final product ready in a week´s time.

02.06.2014 –  Month 18 Project Newsletter is published on SafeTrackFood webpage. Read the newsletter here.

26.05.2014 - Consortium meeting in Ås, Norway. Project partners assessed and compared dish made of outdoor dried stockfish with SafeTrackFood process controlled stockfish.stockfish comparison

22.05.2014 - SafeTrackFood SME partners were among the exhibitors at the world´s largest seafood trade event Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global in Brussels May 2014. It was a busy exhibition, and several visitors were interested in the SafeTrackFood process that develops an innovative indoor process line for the maturing and drying of stockfish. The objectives and first results of SafeTrackFood were well exploited with the display of project posters, hand-outs, flags and pop-up banners. The REA Project Officer visited the Coordinator´s stand at the event.

Seafood Expo 3Seafood Expo 2Seafood Expo 1

19.05.2014 – Together with the rest of project consortium members, Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut produced a Case study for the SafeTrackFood project.

30.04.2014 – Project partners are getting ready for this year´s Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, May 6-8.

Various materials introducing the SafeTrackFood project have been published: pop-up banner, product sheet, articles in World Fishing & AquacultureAquaCulture Directory and

28.04.2014 – Project POSTER describing the main objectives of SafeTrackFood has been published.

28.04.2014 –  New improved SafeTrackFood D1.5 HACCP guideline is uploaded to project documents. Report can be read here.

18.03.2014 –  This year again the SafeTrackFood partners Athena Seafoods and Afos participate in the world´s largest seafood trade event Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global to disseminate the first results of the project.

SafeTrackFood coordinator Athena Seafoods is presented on Arena Nordland, Patio Hall, stand P-4509. Afos Ltd in the equipment part stand 4-6313.

Seafood Expo Global May 6-8, 2014, Brussels, Belgium
28.01.2014 –  First trials with 103 kg of fresh cod were started with the SafeTrackFood protoytype drying unit .
fish trials Fish trials

25-26.09.2013 –  Consortium meeting in Vicenza, Italy. Visit to Il Ceppo stockfish factory.IL Ceppo factory IL Ceppo factory2

07.06.2013 –  Project Newsletter is published on SafeTrackFood webpage.

26.03.2013 –  SafeTrackFood D1.5 HACCP guideline is uploaded to project documents. Report can be viewed here.

19.02.2013 –  Consortium meeting in Tallinn, Estonia

07.01.2013 – SafeTrackFood D7.6 Press Release is uploaded to the project documents. File can be viewed here.

17.12.2012 – SafeTrackFood website is published

3-4.12.2012 – SafeTrackFood Kick-Off meeting in Oslo


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA -Research Executive Agency under grant agreement No: 304775